Amalia Post


Amalia Post has worked for several companies since 2005. From a small, internationally focused marketing company to Holland’s biggest event organisation company. Due to this variety she has acquired a wide range of experience. At the same time, she studied International Business and Languages parttime and graduated in 2009. In 2012 she started her own company under her own personal name, which also serves as a quality brand. Through her sole propietorship she can fully show her identity, in which clients are always the point of focus.

What & Why

Amalia Post organises live events, because she believes in the spirit of personal contact. Based upon the theme / purpose of your event, she creates and produces the most innovative ideas, suitable to a small or large budget. She makes sure the event participants experience a (brand) promise, in order to make them feel more commited to your brand / product / organisation.


Amalia Post has organised special and various projects for several clients. Please find below an overview of her last projects.


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